Migrating Culture Earthbag Chalet — 4 Comments

    • In climates with extreme temperatures it is best to insulate the solid earthen walls on the outside with some other insulating material. Or the bags can be filled with an insulating material, such as crushed lightweight volcanic stone, perlite, or rice hulls.

  1. I reached out to these folks after your first post to see if they could offer any advice on my own project, but I didn’t really get any good information from them aside from ‘try it yourself and see what you can come up with.’ Would have loved for them to be able to come up north and do a hands-on build/training so myself and some local artisans could get the feel for it with some guidance as we work.

    They have some really cool stuff that they’ve worked on! Glad to see there are at least some like-minded folks working here.

    • We have loads of free information on various platforms: blog posts, videos, Instructables… Our main website at Earthbag archives all the best articles, videos, testing reports, etc. Plus we sell ebooks and a DVD if you want to save time with the distilled version.

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