Modern Tiny House in Alaska

“Mark Wipfli’s “Midnight Sun Tiny House” might be the most northern tiny house! It’s still a work in progress, but Mark’s tiny house is unique in design and can withstand an impressive 150 degrees of temperature change from Alaska’s summer to winter season.
Mark used to live in a large log cabin style home in Fairbanks, but then decided he didn’t need so much space. He now rents his beautiful log cabin on AirBNB and lives in his tiny house on the property. He has access to electricity and water through his garage and pottery studio. Mark is passionate about having a low-impact lifestyle, so he grows, hunts and fishes his own food. He also composts and utilizes rain catchment.”

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This is a very well done video with lots of practical tips. I may never live in a mobile tiny home, but I enjoy watching videos like this to pick up good ideas. It’s interesting to note that the tiny house movement seems to be growing steadily. There’s an ever increasing number of citizen journalists, blogs, video channels and websites about tiny homes. This one is by Tiny House Giant Journey. Note how they’re getting hundreds of thousands and even over 1 million views per video.

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  1. Awesome house! You should look at Leaf House in Whitehorse, YK – they have been building Northern tiny houses since 2011. Lots of great ideas for those -40 nights…


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