The Mongolian Yurt: A Beautiful & Low Cost Tiny House Alternative

“We met up with Rivkah from Groovy Yurts ( to learn about the traditional hand-painted yurts (gers) they import directly from Mongolia, and we also helped her team set one up at the Tiny House Festival this summer. It was more work than we thought it would be but it was totally worth it when we finally stepped inside the beautiful structure.

Mat and I both love the round shape of a yurt, and the natural light that pours in from the skylight dome in the center. We also really appreciate that these yurts are made from 100% natural & renewable resources.”

Nice overview of yurts and how this brand is supporting the village economies in Mongolia. Yurts are ideal for cold, harsh climates. They can be moved without the expensive trailer found on most tiny houses. Just take them down, move to a new site and set up again.

4 thoughts on “The Mongolian Yurt: A Beautiful & Low Cost Tiny House Alternative”

  1. Actually, they do have bay windows now. They even have outer covers for bad weather & can be seen on the Groovy Yurts site. The gers (yurts) are a wonderful dwelling. Very inspiring.


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