The Mongolian Yurt: A Beautiful & Low Cost Tiny House Alternative

“We met up with Rivkah from Groovy Yurts ( to learn about the traditional hand-painted yurts (gers) they import directly from Mongolia, and we also helped her team set one up at the Tiny House Festival this summer. It was more work than we thought it would be but it was totally worth it when we finally stepped inside the beautiful structure.

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Brilliant Yurt Design! – Mixing Tradition with Super Modern Construction

“In this video, we’re meeting Pat from Yurta to get a behind the scenes look at how they make traditional yurts with natural materials while incorporating some very modern design ideas. These yurts can be set up in just a couple of hours and are built with 3 layers: – A collapsible wooden frame with … Read more

Yurt and Tiny Living Tips From Experts

Smaller House, Larger Life
“Making the choice to live small in a yurt or tiny house is no quick decision. However, if you want to reduce your carbon footprint, connect closely with the people you live with, be one with nature, cut down on material possessions, or want to live a more green and sustainable existence, the lifestyle might be perfect for you. Intrigued? These experienced tiny dwellers have a lot of useful insight into the experience of inhabiting tiny structures like yurts and tipis to make the most out of living in them.

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Earthbag Platform for Yurts

I posted an idea for Insulated Earthbag Foundations for Yurts at One reader who left a comment liked the idea, but needed a simpler design so he wouldn’t have to get a building permit. Here’s an idea for a very simple design that might get around building codes. Stack one course of earthbags in … Read more

60 House Plans Upgraded to Computer Renderings

My goal last year was to upgrade 40 of my most popular plans. This has now been completed, along with 20 additional designs. So there are now 60 finished plans available, including this new Roundhouse with Yurt. In this design, the roundhouse provides low cost space and a stable base for the yurt. The elevated … Read more