Movable Vertical Garden Planters

“Movable vertical garden by Maximize Design. A new feature with our patented Maximize Your Space system, the vertical gardens is an easy and instant way to transform gardens, courtyards, restaurant areas, hotel lobbies. The plants are fed by a low maintenance/ build-in watering system, which allows herbs, vegetables, flowering and evergreen plants to flourish on the green wall.”

More info here: Maximize Design
I like how the plants take up minimal space and can be rolled indoors if cold weather is approaching. Thanks again to A. Richard for another good find.

7 thoughts on “Movable Vertical Garden Planters”

  1. These are all great ideas. I love the idea of a privacy wall as a way to keep your guest in a certain area if needed. You might want to keep children away from things that could be broken or that they could hurt themselves on.

  2. Awesome idea.

    I couldn’t stop imagining how perfect this concept would be combined with a Tiny House on a trailer.

    A complete portable garden that can be moved with a tiny house. A complete privacy hedge that can be moved with the house.

    Imagine if the Tiny House were designed that it could be bolted and unbolted from its trailer frame. Create a system where the Tiny House could be jacked up with a simple bottle jack, and placed on some simple pier supports. Then unbolt the trailer frame and pull it out from under the Tiny House. That would allow the homeowner to use the trailer for any number of hauling tasks, including transporting their portable garden hedge/wall segements to new locations. Just make sure to wrap the plants in tarps during transport to avoid wind damage while driving.

    I find myself imagining a completely portable outdoor oasis that becomes part of a Tiny House on a Trailer environment. Imagine a portable tank or inflatable spa at the center of a garden surrounded by a privacy wall of plants. Imagine an outdoor kitchen partially built into the exterior side of a tiny house. Just make countertops that are hinged and fold up during transport.

    Now anyone in a Tiny House could have plenty of space to entertain and throw a party.

    Yes, these movable garden planters are real eye openers.

    Want another idea?

    Ever had fun running with kids through a corn maze? Imagine a big maze made out of these movable planters, so that the maze itself becomes a new and different challenge every time someone comes back to visit it again.

    Imagine two parallel walls of movable planters. Span across the top of both walls with wood poles, saplings, or even 2x4s. Instant Portable Pergola.

    Do you have a portable business that sets up booths to sell items or demonstrate products at conventions and fairs? Imagine using these movable planters to build the most welcoming booth anyone has ever seen.

    Are you active in the performance arts? Ever need a very natural but quickly transformed set design? What better way to transform a stage from an indoor to an outdoor setting? Just rotate each planter in place.

    Don’t limit yourself to just plants on trellis either. How about one planter with a water feature and a small cascading wall of water powered by a small pump inside a fish tank at the base instead of pots of soil.

    The creative possibilities are really endless.

    • Building the vertical gardens on a trailer is a great idea. It would be a tiny portable vertical garden. Add a simple frame and the whole garden could be wrapped in plastic to weather a sudden storm or prolong the growing season.

      One possibility is to make these portable planters with recycled gutters. This would save money on pots. YouTube has videos on how to do this, and there are lots of photos on Google Images. Here’s a photo of strawberries growing in gutters that will take your breath away:

      The gutters could be screwed to pallets. I’m envisioning pallets tilted together in a steep A frame shape.

      A small pump could trickle water to all the planters through drip irrigation tubing.

      You could also cover the outside of your tiny home with gutter planters.

      Also, there’s no need to buy expensive potting soil. Look around for free good soil. For instance, there’s a corner of our yard where all the water drains out to the street. Good topsoil builds up in this area and so from time to time I scoop it up for planting (and then mix in a little manure and rice hulls).

      Capture rainwater off the tiny house and use on the garden, because plants don’t like city water with chlorine and fluoride.

      • The structure of these planters could be made from old pallets.
        They could be built entirely out of salvaged or free materials if one could find salvage wheels, or even make their own wheels.

        If someone has a pallet jack, or builds their own pallet jack, then you could simply build these planters on a base that can be lifted by a pallet jack, and you never have to worry about putting wheels on each planter. You could even use a forklift or a tractor with a front end loader and forks to pick them up and move them, or lift them onto or off of trailers.

        Here are more ideas for how to use them:

        Imagine a planter with a potting bench on one side, with plants growing on the other side.
        Imagine a cabinet to hang garden tools on one side, and plants growing on the other side.

        Imagine using several of these to surround a pile of salvaged building materials on a construction site. The neighbors would never know you had an unsightly mess inside.

        Imagine using these indoors instead of shoji screens.

        Imagine using these in front of patio doors instead of curtains. What a great way to hide an extremely effective superinsulating window shutter.

        These would be a great way to create an outdoor shower stall. Imagine showering inside a room of plants. You never have to worry about cleaning bathroom tiles. After showering, just roll the walls back to point the plants at the sun.

        Are you a portrait photographer? How about having the option of using a wall of real plants as a background in a studio?

        • Read my last comment again if you have time. I updated it about 10 times as ideas popped into mind.

          Now I’m thinking an A-frame of salvaged wood would take less space than pallets. Only simple carpentry skills and tools required. The A-frames wouldn’t need wheels. Screw them on the trailer bed.

          You’ve seen those pictures of a tiny house being towed down the highway? Now imagine that house covered in plants and a trailer garden towed behind it. You’d probably cause an accident with everybody staring.

          • Perhaps you might want to read my comment again?

            I suggested a method for putting a Tiny House up on piers so that the trailer could get pulled out from under it. That would allow the ONE trailer to be used to move more than just the Tiny House.

            I’m just suggesting it would require 2 trips. One trip to move the Tiny House, and a second trip to move the garden.

            Moving the garden wouldn’t be any more dangerous than moving the house. Probably less, because it probably wouldn’t be as tall.

          • I understand. I was suggesting an alternate idea where the tiny house and garden remain on trailers. The whole idea of portable trailer gardens has lots of potential in my opinion. Look at all the people building tiny houses. Most would probably love to have a small portable garden.

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