Moving from to this Self-Hosted WordPress Site — 18 Comments

  1. A little follow-up: on step #5, I was moving files on another site of mine a couple of days ago and I noticed that the wordpress installer can now handle 20mb instead of just 10. Very pleased to see that! Woulda saved me hours…

    Also, my site, which is the one I just moved from one host to another, is no longer using the Flexsqueeze theme. I’m playing with one called Theme Swift, which is much faster as measured at

  2. BTW, thanks Zana for the detailed process of moving to your new site. I’ll be following in those footsteps w/in a few months on Bluehost, too :) I like the new site here. Thanks to all for the informative web and blog.

  3. It’s great to have this new blog. We owe a lot of thanks to Zana for all her hard work making this possible. Look around a bit to discover what’s already been done. Did you see the categories and archive at the bottom of the page? The new Google search engine? Direct links to our other sites? Things are definitely improving. And we hope to add new features in the future to make the site even better.

    • Yes, I’ve recognized the Google searchbar.
      @Zana: I don’t know how it is implemented, but could you limit its size to 25?
      Right now, it is a bit too long…

      • Do you mean character length or number of search results? She’s already reduced the physical size so that should be okay. Or maybe it looks different in different browsers.

          • Yes, it still extends too far.
            Wordpress has deleted the code I’ve wrote before.
            Just replace

          • Think I will just put 25 in the size. 40 is already down from 55 where I started. If there is a still a problem, let us know!

  4. Good decision to move – I was also disappointed when the blog was blocked one day…! I read your blog regularly, even though I’m not that keen on the earthbag technique itself (I think it’s too cold here in Sweden – so I’m aiming for a straw bale house once I get some good piece of land…). But all the “green” technology is very interesting, especially when we can learn from historical building methods.

    • Thanks, Anna. I am puzzled as to why you think earthbag building wouldn’t work in a cold climate. Our house built in Colorado at an elevation of 8,000 feet was warm and toasty inside during the winters!

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