My Big Dream — 5 Comments

    • Next week I’ll profile the biggest forest garden in the world. People are already doing this on a mega scale for profit. They’ve got it all figured out.

  1. Dirtpatchheaven has a new video about how to Plant Your Food Forest for Free. She’s using one of the same techniques that we’re using. Certain plants like mulberry trees, berry bushes, bananas, sweet potatoes, etc. are very easy to propagate. Depending on the plant, you can take root stock, cuttings or small transplants and spread these through the rest of the garden. ***Be sure the original plants are high quality. Buy the best you can afford. You don’t want to go to lots of work only to grow mediocre plants over a large farm. For instance, you might start with 10-50 mulberry trees, 10-50 banana plants. Choose the heartiest, best tasting, best producing plants and propagate those. Go to farm shows and agriculture fairs, and search online for the best farms and nurseries in your region.

    • In our tropical farm I did the whole swale, nitrogen support species bit. My problem was that the fruit trees were taken from growers who sell it during the yearly fair. Problem is these growers over fertilize the plants before the fair so they look really healthy. And some plants I bought already had overgrown their containers and the roots became a ball. I compounded this by not cutting an inch off the bottom roots to separate the root ball. Oh well I plan to buy better seedlings direct from organic farms next time and not those commercial seedling sellers who are more money oriented. I hope someone can learn from this.

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