Nectre Bakers Oven/Woodstove Review

Hey guys, after 2 years of use, I figured I would give my honest opinion and review of the Nectre bakers oven. As an off grid cookstove option, this stove is very versatile and can be used for both a main heat source, as well as a way of cooking and baking without the need for electricity.

Nectre Bakers Oven
“A combination of heater and stove suitable for traditional living, which is proudly designed and manufactured in Australia” The Bakers Oven can be manufactured with a stainless steel domestic boiler option. For those with larger homes, they also make a larger stove called the Big Bakers Oven and a real nice looking stainless steel pizza oven.

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  1. How much did it cost you to have it shipped to Manitoba or were you able to pick it up somewhere. I am in Alberta and it doesn’t appear to be a distributor here.


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