New, Clean Energy Source: Living Plants — 7 Comments

  1. In colder climates including an indoor green space along the southern face might bring some year round benefits once the technique is refined and available.

  2. Wow!
    I knew there must be a way to generate power organically.

    You say there is fairly high cost in green roofs, can you explain? Seems like they would be low cost. Just wondering ..

    • The cost will be high if you follow the recommended green roof guidelines. Green roof architects and organizations recommend special commercial products for waterproofing and drainage. Plus, the extra weight requires a sturdier structure that has to be engineered.

      However, some people in non-code areas simply add a layer of bituthene rubber over the roof deck, sometimes straw and then sod or another waterproof layer and then sod. This approach would be far less expensive, but still bithuthene costs around $1,000 for a tiny house.

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