New Life Foundation

Adobe New Life Foundation retreat center
Adobe New Life Foundation retreat center

“It is our mission to cultivate a lifestyle that fosters inner growth and helps people to find meaning and purpose in life again. We believe that all of us have everything it takes to create a peaceful, equitable and sustainable existence. All we have to do is renew our relationship with ourselves and our environment.
Exterior of New Life Foundation retreat center
Exterior of New Life Foundation retreat center

New Life aims to provide a unique learning environment based on mindfulness and sustainable living, where residents can learn to nurture and maintain their recovery. We are located in northern Thailand, near Chiang Rai.

Our program: Mindfulness exercises: meditation, yoga, chi gong, tai chi, retreats lead by world famous meditation masters.”

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Thanks to Richard for this tip. He’s headed that way soon and maybe he’ll send a report.

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  1. I left them a message that said…I love your philosophy, your teachings, your build and all the happy people. It’s a pretty incredible place. It’s too bad we don’t have something like that here. I admit I’m as old as dirt and perhaps they do but, I’ve just never heard of such a place. I know if I were a kid living there, I’d sure would want to go there and learn something as well as, have a lot of fun.


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