Off Grid Tiny House with two kitchens

Another excellent video by This 12’x12′ cabin cost about $3,000.

“Matt, from Feral Farm, talks about a tiny house he built. This tiny house has a tiny kitchen space inside, and a much larger outdoor kitchen. Everything at Feral Farm is off grid, including this tiny house.

“Wizard” has lived in this tiny house for five years. He starts by showing us his tiny wood cook stove which also heats the house. For several months two people have lived in this tiny house – and not as a couple!

Some of the wood in the tiny house comes from the property where the house is. Wizard talks about how he is an aspiring minimalist.”

More Permaculture Videos by Paul Wheaton

There are so many good videos at Paul Wheaton’s YouTube channel that I’ve decided to do a double video post. Here’s some info the utility companies don’t want you to know! (Hint: save electricity and save money.)

Not so free light bulbs

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  1. Great videos. My head is a bit wrecked, though. I wasn’t aware that CFLs were such dodgy technology. My house is full of them!


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