Open-air 33’ (10m) 2-story Roundhouse — 23 Comments

  1. I like the designs a lot, I understand that you do not do custom designs.

    I just wondered if a verandah around the upper storey could be added, therefore reducing the size of the upper story, so as to keep some of the open air element in your open story design and at the sametime reduce the vunerability of the roof blowing off like an umbrella in the high winds or in a hurricane?

    • Well, the designer, Owen Geiger, used to do custom designs, but he unfortunately died. We do sell the AutoCAD files to his plans that can be used by other architects and engineers to make modification. It does seem possible to me to add a veranda to roundhouses and this should help make it more secure.

  2. I love the designs. I was thinking to build one on my farm. Do you think the two story round house can withstand hurricanes in the tropics? Or what could be done to strengthen the upper story?

  3. Hi Owen.

    Please could you give me the price for the above roundhouse plans as I am very interested in building the above.

    Thanking You.


  4. Hi Owen, I love this design for my farm house. Do you think its suitable. If so is it possible for you to make it a three bedroomed one.

    • I’m not longer doing custom plans. It takes too long over the Internet. You need an architect or engineer anyway, so might as well let them make the final changes.

  5. How do you attach beams to the exterior wall for the ceiling first floor to walk on the second floor? Do you have to custom build/weld brackets to slip over the top level of EB’s?

    • On this design I would use one center beam with a post in the center. Then add floor joists that sit on the concrete bond beam and center beam. Embed metal anchors in the bond beam to secure the joists. In other words, it’s pretty much standard carpentry.

  6. An very nice design mr. Geiger! I am looking forward to buy one of these plans. Where i can see the low plant of this new round house design? Thank you.

  7. We love this design for our future homestead in Jamaica with a place to entertain upstairs. However, this design won’t work with the amount of hurricanes Jamaica is known for. We were thinking to build a reciprocal roof for the main house that will aid in our rain catchment system and have a lower deck out back (or to one side) for entertainment.

  8. such a good plan for those who need to cool!
    I just finished reading article on climate change, we are now beginning the slide to what will be next?!
    every bit of help to encourage changing our habits! simple
    earthbag building, thanks for this plan!

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