Exciting Earthbag Project in Chile

Earthbag project in Chile
Earthbag project in Chile

Thanks to Paul Coleman (who’s building his own earthbag house in Patagonia) for sending info about this earthbag project in Chile. Paul and his wife Konomi just won an international sustainable living contest. A film crew is coming all the way to Patagonia from Japan to put them on National TV. Check out their blog. They must surely live in one of the beautiful places in the world. Please send us your tips. Our email address is at the top of the page.

“Felix Vargas, who lives up in the north of Chile, where it is much warmer and drier, is building a large earthbag structure and he`s doing a very impressive job, thanks to the help of more than one or two interested friends. He`s attracting a lot of attention and will soon be appearing on TV, so the earthbag message is about to get a boost in Chile.

Felix has great facebook page with loads of photos. It`s in Spanish, but the pictures speak any language.” http://www.facebook.com/felix.vargasbarrios

Source: Our Little Thing – Creating a Sustainable Lifestyle in Patagonia

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  1. so good to hear of pockets of good living! good to see that they can socialize, looks like north americans, japanese and also locals!
    thanks for sharing!


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