Open house day at Bio Veda Academy – 03/03/2018

Take a tour of Bioveda’s Urban Garden in South Africa. This whirlwind 46 minute home tour shows Bioveda’s earthbag and aircrete structures, their appropriate technology such as solar cookers and biogas, as well as an extensive system of earthbag planters, wetlands and water filtration. They reuse all their water seven times. There are some audio glitches, but the information presented is excellent so please overlook the minor flaws.

Alosha Lynov
I am a Visionary inventor, international edutainer and a master builder of Self Regenerative, Self Replicating, Biogeometric living habitats based on BioMimicry principles , cosmic geometries, geomancy, natural law and permaculture eco systemic design.
I express my creativity and talents to guide our humanity to co create intelligent new reality research villages and cities that welcome natural laws and elemental kingdom whilst utilising natural phenomena and waste.

2 thoughts on “Open house day at Bio Veda Academy – 03/03/2018”

  1. Hi Alosha and the team!
    I am very impress with your video– well done!
    All the information is exactly what I need, spirits and gifts of the earth are so impressive, universally lining up.
    FYI: I was just planning a trip to Oregon to “evaluate” the fresh built Gaia Dome.
    My tentative plans are to visit other eco friendly establishments likewise-
    BUT your video just got my attention;
    Yes, I am on and will purchase your video, it is perfect for my studies.
    My life time skilled carpentry, jungle life and experiences has increased my “eco village vision”, seeking for more ground data. This is where I would invest my time to attend one of your workshop, this is more my cup of tea.

    Meanwhile I am heading to Austin all of August and would like to visit your eco buildings, if they are in the area and up to New Mexico. While in route my wish is to view these domes and see more of them in a concentrated area and put Oregon on the back burner.

    INTENT; I am looking now for property in south Louisiana to develop this magical eco substainable village along with a waiting list of volunteers for this opportunity (been a host for a number years).

    Scope out ;

    Alosha, If possible if you or a team member can directly as I am devoted and spear headed on this adventure. I would like to meet up on site some of your building project.
    And workshops in the U.S. to check into.
    Any chance to meet up with you or your assistance in August? (first week in Austin)
    Merci Whitey
    Owner/ Bayou Lake Sanctuary Guesthouse

  2. This video will definitely appeal to the DIY aircrete crowd. Lots of interesting info here. I like how various techniques are combined to create hybrid structures with lots of living plants. Hopefully they will do a similar video with a better microphone, more ‘structure’ to the presentation, and not so rushed content — professional quality in another words.


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