Aircrete Lightweight Bricks and Blocks — 8 Comments

  1. Cellular lightweight concrete (CLC) is similar to aircrete (AAC) but can be produced at a lower manufacturing capital cost than aircrete and offers more flexibility in terms of the different shapes and densities that can be produced. One company that offers moulds and equipment for the manufacture of CLC is Greentec Construction Technologies (

  2. Have you ever seen anyone use aircrete in lieu of sand/soil mixture in Earth Bags? I watched a video about a ‘3D Printer-like device that fills Earth Bags with sand, from a Cali Company, and was thinking that kind of system could be very efficient in building an’Earth Bag-Like’ structure. I understand there is an expansion factor, and that could improve efficiency of the process. Just thinking outside of the box, and hoping to find optimal efficiency in this process. Thanks in advance.

  3. Approximatelt how much light are air-crete blocks compared to more conventional blocks / bricks of same size

    I’ve missed seeing that
    Thank you for your reply

    • I couldn’t find the exact percentage of difference in weights on their website, but from my experience these types of products are easily at least half the weight of common concrete blocks or bricks.

  4. Buying tested, high quality aircrete blocks might be a safer, better option that trying to make your own aircrete. I know it’s fun to experiment, but please be careful.

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