Opening Our Eyes: The Movie

Let’s start the year with a thoughtful, positive message that focuses on goodness, helping others and reminding ourselves how we can accomplish anything we really want.

About the movie Opening Our Eyes: “We are two people – a mother and a daughter – who embarked on a journey around the world to document and film the stories of individuals – ordinary people who are following their own dreams, passions and ambitions and doing extraordinary things.

We filmed 11 subjects on 6 continents. Each of the films will stand alone as an online video as well as be a part of a full length documentary. We will use technology, web 2.0 and social media to share these stories and open the eyes of others to what they can do to “make a difference”.

We believe in the power of one – the power of the individual – the power that each one of us has to effect positive change. Two people who believe in the power of one.”

Source: Opening Our Eyes
Part of the movie is about the Kopila Valley Children’s Home in Nepal that was started by Maggie Doyne. We covered her story in a previous blog post. Also, Maggie Doyne was featured in the New York Times Magazine. Several earthbag projects are taking off in Nepal and perhaps Kopila Valley Children’s Home will experiment with earthbags someday and help spread the message. (They’re currently building with bamboo and it would be interesting to see how the two methods compare in their situation.)

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