Our Roundhouse in Fall

Our Earthbag Roundhouse in Fall
Our Earthbag Roundhouse in Fall

It’s fun watching the roundhouse through the seasons. No matter what time of year, it always looks great. Our earthbag dome has been more popular on the Internet, but locally the roundhouse is far more popular. Everyone loves it.

Note the earthbag bench under the tree. This is the third one we’ve built, not counting the sitting areas on the dome buttresses. The bench was practically free, since we used materials laying around for building the roundhouse — extra bags, gravel and tile.

2 thoughts on “Our Roundhouse in Fall”

  1. Love that Round House !

    I am thinking of building one with a larger diameter, 6 – 8 Meters and with a tiled roof.

    Can I incorporate an extra door and windows – would it compremise the strength of the structure?


    • Larger sizes are possible if they are built correctly. More window and door openings weaken the structure, but there are ways you can reinforce the design to make it stronger. Read up on bond beams, pinning, plaster mesh, buttresses, etc.


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