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    • I think it depends where the pallets come from. Pallets shipped internationally are probably sprayed with insecticides. You should be able to find pallets locally that haven’t been sprayed. Treated pallets have an oily, darker look. Untreated pallets, or what I assume are untreated, have a natural wood appearance.

  1. Hi Owen, just my thoughtful nature, as I am wondering if there needs to be a layer between the road base and poly/moisture barrier that would cushion the poly from being ripped by the rock layer. Does anyone know what would best serve this purpose?

    In some earth building technique (Mike Oehler’s PSP method, et al), they will place cardboard layers between earth and moisture barrier. Would cardboard be sufficient for this application? Any other ideas?

    Thank you for the feedback on this matter. There are hundreds of pallets locally available. And I am envisioning various ways to utilize them in affordable housing/buildings, and other applications.

    Blessings to all.
    We are all amazing, magical eternal beings on our eternal adventures.

    • I think a carefully tamped level of road base would work fine. Sweep off larger pieces of gravel before spreading the plastic. You could add a thin layer of sand if you want. Cardboard would decompose below ground, although it would serve its purpose temporarily. But it’s more time and effort. Either way would work.

      • Possibly a layer (or two) of tar paper? We often did that in Maine under used or salvaged lumber/boards. Added just enough ‘softness’ to the flooring and also deadened foot traffic noise.

        I really like the flooring that the pallet wood imparts. Seriously considering for our bedroom in our adobe in the desert. Thanks for posting this idea.

        • A layer of tar paper under the flooring can be helpful as you say. It’s also a second barrier against insects and air infiltration.

          I totally love the rustic look of recycled wood and pallet wood, and so I’ve put together several more blog posts on this topic. It’s been lots of fun searching for ideas and photos.

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