Pallet Shingles — 5 Comments

  1. Was looking for inexpensive yet quality ways to re-side my farmhouse and cabin. They now both have that depressing Depression Brick (asphalt stuff) that looks awful.

    • I doubt that you would be happy with the look of recycled pallet wood used as shingles to side your house, as it would inevitably look rough and rustic. But if this appeals to you then go for it.

  2. I’m not sure where to post this, but I suspect Owen will love this tool.

    Cheap. Easy to make, and EXTREMELY USEFUL.

    Izzy’s Pallet Pal.

    This idea is so inexpensive and ingenius, I nominate it for it’s own dedicated blog post if Owen or Kelly choose to.

    I think you may have posted about a big heavy metal tool that performs a similar function on this blog before somewhere (I can’t find the post), but this tool is so cheap and easy to make that it’s kinda a game changer for dismantling pallets.

    BTW… Izzy’s YouTube channel is a gold mine of ideas and projects from pallets and woodworking jigs and tools made on the supercheap. Worth checking out.

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