Pallet Wood Kitchen Cabinets — 9 Comments

  1. Really nice article!! I am glad to read your post, pretty informative & will be useful for those who are interested installing kitchen cabinets for there home.

  2. I am surprised at how nice these are. Since am no cabinet maker (or even a wood worker), are there any books or websites about how to do these? Or would you just recommend a general carpentry/cabinet book?

    • Most of the work would be standard cabinetmaking. So yeah, a general, basic level cabinetmaking book from the library would suffice. Again, it would be far easier to work with new wood. Using recycled pallets is a backup option.

    • Our blog is all about utilizing low cost, locally available resources. Maybe you can afford to buy new wood. Many can’t. We’re making suggestions/giving people options. About 1.1 billion people can’t afford to build a home. They need low cost options.

    • Pallet wood is difficult to work with. Take that into consideration when designing the project. Pallets are probably best for simple projects like furniture and paneling. In general, it would be easier to use recycled wood in good condition for complex projects. We recently finished our new recycled wood house and are very pleased with the result. Building the same house with pallets would have been more difficult.

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