Paradise Lot

Paradise Lot - before and after photos
Paradise Lot – before and after photos

“Two plant geeks, one-tenth of an acre and the making of an edible garden oasis in the city

Jonathan and Eric and their families manage a 1/10 acre urban backyard garden in Holyoke, Massachusetts. This edible landscape features little-used edible native plants as well as useful species from around the world. Over forty species of fruit and seventy perennials with edible leaves make for a long season of foraging.

Many are arranged in an edible forest garden, an edible ecosystem composed of perennial polycultures of multipurpose plants. Other components include a tropical crop garden, edible water garden, poultry, annual beds, and bioshelter greenhouse with aquaponics under development. The book Paradise Lot tells the story of the development of the garden from a bare slab of ground to a diverse and productive demonstration.”

More at the source: Paradise Lot blog
Be sure to check out their Backyard Bioshelter (or maybe I should do a separate blog post on this?)

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