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  1. I was introduced to your blog a few weeks ago and have been following along with great excitement over the idea of building my own home. Now Im a very modernized girl but do want to get back to basics to a degree. So my question; with all these homes that you are talking about, how modern can you make them? where does the electrical stuff run? I see a lot of talk about wood burning stoves for heat but is sinking them into the earth the only way to really regulate the heat and keep them cool? Is there anywhere else in your past blog post that talks about this? If you sink a home into the ground, how do you keep it from flooding? How flammable are these types of homes? I really liked the idea of pole homes you posted yesterday and this one kind of goes along with that.

    • Most everything you mention has been covered in one of our 1,100+ blog posts. I’ll recap a few key points and then let you use the built-in search engine.

      I prefer to build above grade with the earth bermed against the sides. Building below grade often leads to moisture problems.

      Many times you don’t need berming at all. It depends on the climate.

      Electrical wire runs through the recesses where courses of bags come together (on the surface in the low area, not between bags). Embed anchors to attach electrical boxes or use 1/4″ rebar pins to hold in place.

      Once covered with plaster, earthbag houses are extremely fire resistant. Earth is not flammable.

      Also note, all the key info has been condensed in my Earthbag Building Guide and DVD.

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