Primitive Technology: New area starting from scratch

I bought a new property to shoot primitive technology videos on. The new area is dense tropical rainforest with a permanent creek. Starting completely from scratch, my first project was to build a simple dome hut and make a fire. First, I took some wood, Abroma mollis, for fire sticks. I knapped a small stone blade and used it to strip the fire sicks. Palm fibre was then taken for the tinder. The fire stick kit was then placed under a palm leaf to keep it out of the rain.

I bought this land so I could have a different terrain to practice in. It’s got a permanent creek, good stone and clay to make things from. I may do some videos back in the old place but this is where I’ll spend most of my time now. Thanks.

Almost 2 million views in the first day. His channel has over 445 million views total. That’s amazing because he doesn’t even talk. Here’s a young lady who’s doing similar videos: Primitive Life

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