Rain Roofs for Water Collection — 4 Comments

  1. This is good options to share the comments regarding Rain Roofs water for use for Cultivation propose,& Make pond nearest Area to Catchment area & then to Distribution, for Agricultural / Animals Drinking Water, where water shorted remain,

    Tauseef Amjad Meer,
    Islamabad, Pakistan,

  2. Hi,

    i wouldn’t use rain water for drinking even after boiling and filtering. Don’t know how does it work in US, but here in exUSSR countries some of industries do exceed max level of air pollution allowed for their productions. In addition there are too many energy generating sites which work either on coil (most) or natural gas (some). This doesn’t mean that rain water has some weird color or smell, no. It only means that it may contain some heavy metal particles and/or radionuclides which are hard to get rid off especially when they are in the liver.
    For technical purposes this is for sure a great solution!
    Thanks for video.

    • That may be true. But the water tables are so low in desert areas like this and it’s very costly to drill wells (tens of thousands of dollars) and pump water. In many cases people are living off grid where mains electric for powering the pumps is not available. That means people would have to run noisy petrol generators and/or buy large solar panels.

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