Rapidobe Walls — 2 Comments

  1. I was thinking about this idea and wondering if it would be stable enough for bermed 8-foot high walls, like the back wall of an earthship? Seems like it’s basically rammed earth with a bit of post-beam construction.

    Also, what about building a cage inside the poles using fencing, with a layer of burlap to keep dirt from spilling out? Having this cage seems like it would make the wall more stable and uniform than using only canvas/fabric.

    • Yes, you could build it stronger to resist pressure from earth berming. Add more posts, cross bracing and possibly fencing. Proceed with caution. For instance, you’d want to be sure the sides had waterproofing so moisture wouldn’t suddenly weaken the walls. For this, I typically recommend at least two layers of 6 mil black poly sheeting — one against the wall and one extending out about 45 degrees, plus add a French drain just to be sure. Hire an engineer for larger structures or if you’re an inexperienced builder.

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