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It’s always great to hear good things from readers. In addition to all the compliments left on our blog, I’ve found a number of positive comments about our work on other websites and would like to share a few snippets.

“Here is one of the main resources that we use for our research, These guys have been an indispensable resource, and are probably one of the only places a lay person can get information on this type of building. We are confident that when we get our plans, we will be able to tackle the job.” Evie

“This is a blog promoting earthbag building. Some of the posts are various links to other blogs where people built their own homes, without doing it the usual way. Some of the links are Tiny Green House Design, More Earthbag Projects Planned for Patagonia, etc., Imitation Stone Walls and Fake Rocks, and Earth Dome II.” Snowcat

“I don’t know Owen personally, but we’ve exchanged emails several times. He’s a smart guy and it’s clear that he CARES about his people. I’ve mentioned him several times here on RR. For those of you who read the blog, Owen is an “Earthbag guy” and he’s a sharp pencil in a box full of broken crayons, to be sure.” Alex Klein, a.k.a. Renaissance Ronin

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