Earthen Floor Training Video

Today’s post features a video from Guiding Star Creations who attended an earthen floor training put on by Sukita with Claylin Floors. The ease and beauty of working with non-toxic materials created many smiles during the workshop. Earthen floors are such a flexible material that can be applied on grade for new buildings, on a cement slab, or on a sub-floor. Being able to install radiant heating coils and utilize passive solar heating make earthen floors an great choice for non-toxic and energy efficient living. Earthen floors are up to 90% less energy intensive than standard concrete floors. There are also many health benefits of having an earthen floor and being in direct contact with the earth through your feet. Many thanks to Sukita, the other workshop participants, and the workshop hosts. For more information on Claylin, earthen floor training, visit the Sukita website.

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