ReGenAll Resort and Retreat Center in Haiti

My Double Unit Ecoresort earthbag design has been adapted for a $400,000 resort in Haiti. The project will create jobs and boost the economy.

“Real people, real experiences, regional regeneration

What is this?
ReGenAll Ventures has created an affordable resort and retreat center concept that meets a rapidly growing global demand for meaningful vacation experiences. From its comfortable, eco-elegant design to its range of renewing cultural, ecological, and agricultural programs, ReGenAll Resort and Retreat Center is a refreshing new take on the eco-resort model. It is a direct catalyst for community driven regeneration and is designed to provide positive, life-changing experiences for its guests.

We hope the ReGenAll project and video will inspire tens of thousands of people to step out to be a part of creating something historic, inspiring, amazing, and beautiful for everyone to experience. We will be one of the FIRST and few in Haiti, and are going to do everything we can to make this happen.

Where is this located?
Located outside the beautiful seaside town of Jacmel, Haiti. In April 2012, CNN Lonely Planet article named Jacmel as one of 8 top Caribbean towns to visit.

How are we different?
1) We are not just a resort, but also a community institute. We are providing an educational framework through workshops on topics such as clean technology, natural building, community gardening, etc.

2) Our operations and management framework has been shaped by the Global Sustainable Tourism Criteria.

3) We are constructing the resort using earthbags—a natural and sustainable building technique. This is the same type of building method on which the community institute will base its sustainable housing program.

4) We’re using clean technologies and renewable energy in the resort operations.

5) We have created a carbon reduction program that partners with local farmers for reforestation.

6) We will create and/or partner with tourism programs that give guests a positive insight to diverse artistic, ecological, and agricultural traditions of Haiti that are completely unique to the hemisphere.

7) We have developed a concept that places an emphasis on incorporating local art and craft into the design and furnishing of the buildings and landscape.

8) Resort will be operated and managed by Haitians.

There are currently very few of these resorts in the world. We are trying to change that.”

Source: ReGenAll Resort and Retreat
ReGenAll Resort and Retreat
ReGenAll Resort and Retreat Team

4 thoughts on “ReGenAll Resort and Retreat Center in Haiti”

  1. YES! I am touched by this “putting wheels on the dream” approach. Quite a task requiring much devotion to bring this dream to reality. With projects like this, Haiti can lift herself up. This is very good. Bravo!

  2. Great idea. The Haitians really need some breaks. I was there back in the sixties when Papa Doc was still power.Port Au Prince was a disaster then.


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