Restoring Paradise with Regenerative Agriculture

“Regenerative agriculture offers a future for sustainable farming in line with nature’s needs, by using holistic management and organic/biodynamic practices and even sequestering carbon in the soil – so important in the fight against climate change. At Mangarara, in New Zealand’s beautiful Hawke’s Bay, Greg Hart and his family are in the process of restoring 1500 acres of land conventionally farmed for over 150 years into the paradise it once was.”

Take a drive down the highway through agricultural areas and there’s a 99.9% chance the farms you’ll see are using conventional modern agriculture methods with chemical fertilizers, pesticides, etc. that gradually deplete the soil. In 25 to 50 or 100 years from now those farms may very well be abandoned when the soil gives out. This problem is happening across vast areas of the world (millions of hectares). So it’s very encouraging to me to see videos like this of long term farms that are successfully making a living and improving the land at the same time.

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