S.T.U.N. Permaculture – Sheer. Total. Utter. Neglect.

Mark Shephard’s Farm is thriving using Sheer. Total. Utter. Neglect. permaculture principles (STUN). The main job skill apparently is the ability to eat popcorn on the couch with one hand and flip channels with a remote with the other. Hmm. I think could do that.

Regenerative agriculture by Mark Shephard
Regenerative agriculture by Mark Shephard

Mark Shephard, of Restoration Agriculture Design, shows us how to make money AND heal the earth with S.T.U.N. Sheer, Total, Utter, Neglect! Mark Shephard’s permaculture network has thousands of hours of free podcasts and videos that explain their agriculture techniques in detail.

Another fantastic video by Justin Rhodes on YouTube (seems like one of his best)
At 17:36 in the video, Mark Shephard shows a tree belt that has withstood 150 years of Europeans trying to kill it. After all that abuse it is now thriving and producing 16 different food crops. Now that’s resilience. He rarely drives his $2,000 beat up tractor, but does enjoy watching his neighbor drive back and forth growing GMO corn and soybeans with a $100,000 tractor. Summary: The GMO crop growing neighbors will either switch over to STUN principles or go broke when their soil is dead. Which will come first? [Grabs popcorn.]

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