Rice hull concrete for cool room insulation — 12 Comments

  1. We are wondering about the weight of a cubic foot of rice hull + lime concrete. Would it weight more or less than rice hulls alone?

  2. Keep the idea of rice hull concrete fresh in your mind. Very soon I will publish my latest ideas on low cost housing made with this material.

      • India, like other big countries, loves Portland cement because it’s a big profitable industry that gives kickbacks (payoffs) to investors/insiders/politicians, etc. One reason that Portland cement is affordable is because the industry is subsidized with tax payer money. This boosts profits for the industry and makes it harder for competing products. So it may be difficult to find other types of cement.

      • Any type of geopolymer such as magnesium cement will work. The challenge is finding affordable products nearby.

      • Hempcrete is basically made with a thick slurry of hemp hurds, water, and Type S hydrated lime. I paid $9 yesterday for a 50 pound bag of Type S hydrated lime off the shelf at a big box store. I’m now trying to source ‘construction grade’ hurds…more of a problem. Until I can get them it is worthwhile to practice with rice hulls. Here’s a youtube vid of a high end project using hempcrete:

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