Rice Hull Earthbag House — 5 Comments

  1. I’m in Ethiopia and wish to build a house or series of small linked buildings on sloping ground, perhaps using rice-hull construction. I’m in the process of making a large round roofed ferret pen, 17m circumference, 2.5m high, inspired by local GoJo bets. The skeleton is eucalyptus poles and the walls are wire mesh. I’m thinking that such a structure might be a good support for rice-hull filled bags. Pix of the in-progress structure are on photobucket, mixed w other photos, including some of the site I plan to build the house on. Look at the pix at the end and start (as of April 18, 2012).

    • Yes, that can work. You could tie your earthbags to the mesh. But you need to create a roof overhang large enough so the walls don’t get wet.

  2. i am living in chiang mai a bit more to the south then chiang dao thou, and i highly interested in this one, are there any updates from Paul and his house atm, or might you can pass me his email adress i am really eager to learn more about it, i also ordered the Earthbag buildings book already you mentioned in another post

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