Rocket Stove with Water Heater — 3 Comments

  1. And, place hot water tank above not below. Don’t fight thermo siphon. keep the plumbing from the hottest parts, also, so you don’t build a flash stream bomb.

  2. Running water through the ash area will become a heat sink from the combustion. That will have the rocket stove operate at a cooler temperature. Cooler combustion temperatures yield lower efficiency, more smoke, and more carbon monoxide.

    A better technique would be to build something like a “Justa Stove.” A Justa is based on a rocket stove but incorporates a customized pot chamber that allow the pots to be sunk into an insulated passage that flue gasses pass through.

    After heating the cooking pots (or a griddle), the flue gasses are then piped up a chimney to the outside.

    The chimney is the ideal place to heat water, because that heat will get wasted if not absorbed by something. Running pipe through this chimney would be the optimum place to create a water heater. Or… someone could rip apart an old water heater and embed a water heater tank into an expanded chimney pipe with a fairly small gap around the tank to allow the gasses to pass.

    This keeps the rocket combustion chamber operating at maximum temperature for highest efficiencies and cleaner burns.

    However, if someone is creating a portable system, then the above approach should work. It will just work at a reduced efficiency with higher pollution.

    For more information about the “Justa Stove” see the following:

    Here is a version that uses a griddle instead of sunken cooking pots. This video does a nice job explaining the inner workings.

    Here is essentially the same stove showing it in use, but without the detailed explanation of the inner workings. It’s also in a much nicer and cleaner kitchen, which proves that these stoves can be dressed up for use in modern buildings cleanly and successfully.

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