Rotary Soil Sifters

You can use a sifter on the jobsite for removing large rocks, sticks and roots from soil. (I buy road base to obtain an optimal mix and minimize labor.) The following submission was sent to us by Red Fern.

After looking around the web for a few design ideas, Tiegan set out on the mission of scrounging parts for his rotary sifter. He ended up having to purchase the 1/2 inch mesh hardware cloth, some dolly wheels and some cable ties. The heavy iron stand was salvaged from the scrap yard (the owners donated it free once they found out it was for a homeschool project!) and the three old bicycle tire rims were picked up for free from bike shop dumpsters (with permission). Tiegan kept some of the gears and drive setups from the bikes in case he wants to play around in the future by attaching a belt drive to the sifter to make it go even faster.

Source: wellheeledhills blog

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