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For many of us, earthbag building is part of a larger lifestyle that includes healthy, clean living. I believe growing your own fresh food that’s free of chemicals, GMO and unhealthy processing is everyone’s right. At first glance it may seem this subject is too far off topic for this blog. However, the recent crackdown and raids on organic farmers and natural food co-ops is intensifying and we all need to get the word out to put an end to this nonsense as soon as possible. I had been hearing of an occasional raid on Amish raw milk producers. Just lately the pace of raids and arrests is intensifying and the trend is very disturbing. The SWAT raid of Rawesome Foods in Los Angeles the other day really woke me up. Their private co-op was raided even though raw milk is legal in California and all the members have signed waivers that state they want fresh, raw foods and accept the health risks.

Farmageddon trailer
Rawesome Food Raid

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  1. “Pop-tarts, Twinkies, Oreos, Fruit Loops and Kool Aid have all been produced under careful supervision of FDA inspectors…”

    … by corporations that elect politicians.

    And we KNOW that those food corps stuffed those plastic wrapped junk food items just chock full of stuff like vitamins, proteins and wholesome stuff… right? I mean, they wouldn’t force stuff on us that wasn’t (gasp!) good for us, right? ;)

    I’ll stick to stuff that comes out of my yard… if at all possible. I’ll just start watching the fences for “Produce Nazis”… :)

  2. I see in this not only an attack on raw dairy but on raw and/or unprocessed foods. Due to decades of brainwashing about how great are products that have been “prepared for our convenience”, foods that have been processed and wrapped in plastic seem safer to us than products, like raw milk, that come straight from the source. Raw and unprocessed foods almost have to be local. In contrast, things that are preserved like commercial dairy products can come from any mega-corporate dairy and be shipped very far and wide.

    • It seems preposterous to me. People are under attack for all sorts of simple things that humans have been doing for many thousands of years. (Fresh organic mangoes are considered a health risk???) And I see the correlation to greater housing restrictions…

      • Follow the MONEY.

        It’s not about your health, it’s about exerting control. Common Sense tells you that eating healthy foods is good for you, saves you money (because you usually grow it yourself or from someone you actually KNOW) and keeps you out of the Doctor’s office,

        “Common Sense” doesn’t make profits like patents, trademarks and copyrights do…

        This is the beginning of the end for things like “Farmer’s Markets, Market Gardens, and self-responsibility and self-reliance. Corporations and lobbies will see to that.

        Soon, we’ll all be “outlaws”, clothing our families in natural fibers, living in alternative houses we hid in the hills, powered by photovoltaic panels that we disguised as we draw power from the sun (seemingly the one thing that those empty suits in Washington DC haven’t been able to figure out how to tax yet) , eating food we grew under camouflaged greenhouses… How dare WE?

        But hey… I’m not bitter… ;)

        … I’m a realist. Why do you think we started working on hybrid Earthbag/ISBU homes? We’re gonna need them… and guys like Owen to “Preach the Good Word…”

        • Alex, I’m not so sure now. Pop-tarts, Twinkies, Oreos, Fruit Loops and Kool Aid have all been produced under careful supervision of FDA inspectors and so they must be healthier than those mangoes that come from who knows where. Man, maybe a bug pooped on that mango.

  3. Between Monsanto trying to “Frankenstein” every seed known to humanity and “the authorities” trying to put their thumb on every attempt we make to keep our families healthy, it leads me to only one realistic conclusion.

    “Control the food, control the people.”

    I’ve been saying this for a long time on my “family survival” blog:

    It isn’t just our health that is at stake here… there is a much larger picture.

    (… and before you start calling me “a conspiracy nut”… look at how the nation has changed, in the last two years. Sure, there’s some carry-over from previous administrations, but still… $14 TRILLION dollars?)

    Family survival isn’t as much about “stockpiling food and ammo” as it is preserving the way of life that we were all raised to love… for our children and their children.

    If we don’t take action NOW… they’ll never even know what they lost along their own paths to parenthood.

    G_d help us… Congress won’t.

    • It sure seems like we’re at a major crossroads. I’ve been growing and eating healthy food for much of my life and never dreamed it would be declared illegal. Things are getting really crazy.

  4. I’ve altered my response numerous times and opted for my own safety. If you like what the video is showing, keep supporting big government.


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