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  1. I am trying do do the same. I have what I believe are faux Saltillo tiles because the finish is coming off and underneath is just plain red. I think mine are terracotta that they faux finished. I can strip and stain and put a clear finish on if I want, but I can’t find a good yellow stain to use. I have a few extras that were not used. They have the yellow and red color but are dry. If is sand a tiny area I can see that the color is only on the surface. I believe real Satillo would have the color variations all the way through. You can fake them if you have terracotta and color them just right then finish them with a lacquer finish. I just can’t find a good yellow.

  2. Breathtakenly beautiful pictures on Saltillo Tiles!

    Some time ago I came accross a webpage with info on how to make similar tiles (faked Saltillo tiles). Its from Fernco Metal Products, USA. They also make small Hydraulic CEB machines and a Cinva Ram.
    For their tiles section here is the weblink:
    You need to scroll down to see the “Saltillo Fake-O” information.
    It may be interesting to look into this as a DIY tile project!

    • From the Products page, click on Bricks and Tiles. Here’s the text:
      The Saltillo Fake-O Tile Kit
      “We call them “Saltillo Fake-O” — they look a lot like Mexican-made Saltillo tiles, but unlike real Saltillo tiles, these tiles are tough as nails and will last a lifetime with minimal care. Real Saltillos are earthen — sometimes fired, but usually sun-baked — and tend to be quite fragile, not to mention highly irregular in size and thickness. With our Saltillo Fake-O kit, you can make your own tiles that are consistent in size and thickness, comparable in price to Saltillos, and amazingly durable. Use them indoors or out and install them as you would any other kind of tile. The Saltillo Fake-O Tile Kit comes with a four-gang mold (i.e., you can make four tiles at a time) and complete instructions for making your own 10″ x 10″ tiles. Use one kit for small projects and two or even three kits for large projects. Need larger or smaller tiles? Just let us know what size you need and we’ll make a custom mould for you.”

      This looks real interesting. I suggest trying to make a custom mold that creates rounded, irregular edges and a texture on top to mimic actual saltillo tiles. Perfectly square tiles won’t look right at all. Also, I don’t see any information on how to get the right color.

  3. For those who don’t know, saltillo tile is one of the most popular types of floor tile in the southwest US. People really like the warm, natural blend of colors. Every tile is a little different and so it looks much more natural than standard tile.

    I think the Wiki coverage is a bit harsh or overly cautious. Satillo tile is used in countless restaurants and other retail establishments and obviously it must hold up quite well. Yes, you need to seal the tile, but don’t let that be an overriding concern that puts you off.

    The top photo shows my favorite color of saltillo tile. Notice how it looks perfect with wood trim.

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