For the Love of Earthbags — 6 Comments

  1. Well looks like this argument is closed now. atleast 2 earthquakes exceeding 7 and not one earthbag structure came falling down or damaged to any degree:). Its all been proved in Nepal now, so earthbags are the safest structures we have right now!

    • I’m still waiting on detailed reports on each building so we know more information, but from what we’ve heard so far this is very strong evidence.

      Also, strawbale buildings are very strong. That’s what they’re building in Pakistan after the earthquake there.

  2. In the military, as an engineer, I made hundreds of “earth bag” structures. I recognize “earth bags” have a reasonable r-value and can be used to produce nice looking structures. I also know “earth bags”, like other basic masonry tool, do not provide reliable load bearing walls for more than small structures like the one you’ve depicted.

    I would love an all-natural and easy to use load bearing system that allowed construction of multiple storied buildings with full foundational support and earthquake proof exterior skins. One good shake, and that beautiful (and I mean it) school in Nepal comes tumbling down kill the children inside. Your concrete wall caps are common through-out the third world and are responsible for thousands of deaths.

    I’m on your side. I want safe, all-natural buildings. Keep up the good work.

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