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  1. My name is Lucas Dominic Kimosola. Proffesionaly, I am a Mechanical Engineer, handcaped after following right leg above knee amputation due to diabates foot. I am coming from Tanzania. We are growing rice in our area, so we have plenty rice husk. In order to save tree following excessive use of firewood and charcoal, I want to make Rice Husk Cooking Stove. Can you assist me on that?

    Lucas Dominic Kimosola

  2. Very good idea. If you live close to a mill, they may give you all the fuel you’ll ever need. Not all saw dust is used for compressed wood paneling etc. I suppose you could use some of their bark that’s been removed as well. That too is not always used for something else.

  3. About using rice hulls instead of sawdust — when I looked into house insulation, I read that rice hulls are difficult to burn. Do they do ok in a barrel stove?

    • According to numerous videos rice hulls will work, although I haven’t tested this yet.

      Update: I plan to test this on a small scale. If this works then we’ll have free fuel if we want.

  4. These are the best videos I could find. Let me know if you find any other good videos or info.

    More links:
    Mother Earth News (good article with drawings)
    “The rate of consumption is about an inch and a half to two inches per hour (the figure varies slightly with the quality of the fuel and how tightly it’s packed). A stove one foot in diameter will burn about six hours, and one eight inches across will operate long enough to cook a meal and produce some hot water to wash the pots and pans.”

    VITA technical bulletin on sawdust stoves

    Double-drum sawdust stove
    (short version of VITA instructions?)

    ECHO appropriate technology report on sawdust cookstoves

    Appropedia sawdust stoves

    How to Build a Sawdust Stove

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