Sedona Straw Bale — A Photo Journal — 8 Comments

  1. Here’s the current link to download the book, at the new discounted price:

    PS I just stopped back after years. Please note that I did end up working with Betsy China (comment above) and also for the person who mentioned that Sedona is expensive. Yes, it is…but that has no bearing on the house design. You can apply my building designs in any location. Thanks for reading this. Best of luck with your own building plans.

  2. Thanks for listing my book. A quick note…while it is true that this house is a bit pricey the book itself is about a practical design for Straw Bales. You can take all the book’s information and build a solid Straw Bale home that meets your own needs, whatever they are. The focus is on presenting a comprehensive design with plenty of useful options.

    • Thanks for the clarification. This looks like a very practical book. Many books just skim over the basics. People need specifics. Presenting details in a step by step format with photos (like I did in my earthbag book) is a good format.

    • I just looked at Google Images for Sedona real estate. The homes look like 5 to 10 million. That’s nice if you’re a real estate agent. I could find any $10,000 earthbag houses.

  3. Sorry, I just accidentally deleted someone’s comment. I have to sift through several hundred spam messages every day to find 1-2 good comments. It’s easy to make a mistake when doing this. Please repost your comment.

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