Sedona Straw Bale — A Photo Journal

“The Sedona Straw Bale is a fresh look at the design and building of a practical, modern-looking Straw Bale Home in Sedona, Arizona. It details the entire project from breaking ground to moving in, showing almost 300 photos accompanied with detailed descriptions. This Photo-Journal is an ideal read for anyone interested in building their own home, whether Straw Bale, Post and Beam or even conventional stick frame,, and features multiple novel solutions for increased energy efficiency and practical solutions for the Owner-Builder.

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The Most Bang for the Buck? Part 2

Part 1 discussed the most efficient, cost-effective ways to build with earthbags. This post discusses a few related items. Building site: Follow these steps and you’ll save lots of time preparing the site and reduce the risk of problems in the future. Choose a building site that’s clear of obstacles and naturally higher than the … Read more