Shelters for All Update — One Year Later

It’s been about one year since the Shelters for All $300 House design competition. (Earthbag building was the most popular building method.) Let’s look at the progress made since then. Two videos below show their work in Haiti and India. It’s interesting to compare Shelters for All method (prolonged, thoughtful planning, etc.) with Cato’s ‘let’s get her done’ approach. Cato demonstrates how a certain amount of research is required for good results, but at some point you need to jump in with both feet and be prepared to adapt to circumstances. Congrats to both groups for their efforts and accomplishments so far.

“Tuck MBA students reflect on their journey to India to do research for their First-Year Project (FYP) on the $300 House concept first described in a Harvard Business Review blog post by Tuck professor Vijay Govindarajan and Christian Sarkar.”

“This short program gives a glimpse of the people, places and efforts surrounding the $300 House Project in Haiti. The project mission is to provide ultra-low cost housing in both rural and urban communities through a broad based team approach.”

Shelters for All
$300 House Competition

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