Simple Passive Solar Strawbale Home in Crestone — 7 Comments

  1. Hello……Do you know of anyone who works on adobe floors? I have a strawbale home that had beautiful adobe floors until I rented it for a year and a half and now they are stained, scratched and dull and I want them restored to their former glory. I’m in Crestone, Colorado.

    • Sorry, I do not have such a contact. You might check with some of the local folks who have built with straw.

      • There are plenty of links coming up on search engines to “Crestone straw bale” – maybe even including the one which you describe. We can get a good idea from those results.

        • I checked for images of SB houses in Crestone before publishing this story but didn’t see this particular house. That may very well be because it looks so ordinary. It’s just a small rectangular house with shed roof — the total opposite of what designers typically aim for.

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