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WorkAway is an international volunteer work exchange with over 20,000 hosts in 155 countries. Work/stay with families, NGOs, on farms, in communities. Here’s a sample of what you can expect. This video was made by a couple who volunteered on a tea farm in Nepal.

As a traveller or language learner (or in many cases both!) volunteering or working with a family or for a small organization is an ideal way to get to know the real side of a foreign country or to immerse yourself completely in a foreign language. You know that you will have the security of a place to stay with welcoming people.

However, remember it takes a lot of thought for someone to invite you into their home, so be prepared to help as much as you can! It is not a hotel or a youth hostel, it is an exchange- a few hours volunteering per day in exchange for food and board. Housework i.e. cooking, washing-up, etc should be shared.

The possibilities for exchanges are endless – You can use Workaway to enable you to travel around a country for very low cost, you can use it to practice a language you have spent many years learning, but have never had the opportunity to practice with native speakers, or use it to learn new skills and meet new people!

Remember though, is not an agency. We enable you to find placements. It is up to you to write yourself a great profile, to make contact, to introduce yourselves with an e-mail, to organize your travel arrangements, to arrange your travel visas, and to discuss directly with your host the ways in which you can volunteer, work or help.

Compare to HelpX, WWOOFing and Farmstays.

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