Simple Shelters Book Review — 4 Comments

  1. Thanks Owen. I scanned it’s contents and saw something that reminded me of some Vets I encountered up in Alaska. They had built a pit structure but instead of using a wooden roof and walls, they had a surplus Army tent and a stove. Even with the stove, they were cold and I didn’t suggest beefing up the interior/exterior with what was all around them. They were out in the bush but, I got the feeling they wouldn’t want to hear anything so, I didn’t say a word. About the book and the site you suggested…….very good. I created a shortcut to the site.

    • People lived in these simple shelters for thousands of years. Like you say, they could be upgraded and made quite livable. It’s certainly a short-term living option while you’re building a permanent home.

    • Thanks. The earth lodges are my favorite. We’ve had some blog posts here about earth lodges if anyone is interested. Search our site.

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