Small attempts to improve life for future generations

Attempting to lead by example in Costa Rica
Attempting to lead by example in Costa Rica

“Finca Las Brisas is an ecologically-focused community. It is a place where environmentally concerned people can own property, live and vacation in better harmony with nature. It is a place where owners can contribute not just to their community but also the surrounding habitat and local communities.

Since purchasing our 150 acres of cattle land overlooking the Pacific over three years ago, my partners and I have struggled with how to develop our property in the most environmentally friendly way with the least amount of impact to the land, surrounding communities, and to the planet in general. Our journey has taken us down many paths and stimulated numerous ongoing discussions as they relate to material selection and building techniques. The process has been full of learning opportunities and we have had to continuously challenge ourselves and our Project Manager, Patrick Kelly to think outside the box on how we go about developing the community area of the property.

We took a long-term view from the start, and began our investment in the land by first planting close to 2,000 tropical fruit trees – some of them rare and exotic. We also planted some endangered hardwoods and are also allowing many of the areas that had been heavily grazed to rejuvenate naturally by selecting the best species that pioneer on the land, and removing the less desirable ones by machete to provide more room.”

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