Small Scale Logging — 2 Comments

  1. Good article and love the “Horse Tractors” idea!

    We have about 60 acres left of our original 100 acres Tree Plantations. Roughly 40 acres have been replaced to make way for our Persian Lime Plantation, and make space for other Agricultural and Tourist activities and Guadua Bamboo.

    To cut our logs we use a small 18HP Diesel trailerable Woodmizer Mill. This activity could easily be made into a Business on its own.

    Other side by-products that can be obtained from this activity is Wood Vinegar (we use it as a natural fertilizer and repellent) and Wood Charcoal. From leftover branches and tree material we obtain “Wood Chips”.

    • Many natural builders are pursuing alternative lifestyles in rural areas and so businesses like this have a lot of potential. A used portable sawmill could pay for itself just on buildings around your homestead. One option is milling hard to find specialty woods for woodworkers. These woods command a premium price, but are often not commercially available due to scarcity or difficulty of obtaining adequate supplies. Woodturners, fine cabinetmakers, musical instrument makers, hobbyists, etc. are all potential customers. You could build up a client base and mill the wood to their specs. Visit a specialty woodworker’s supply store in a major city to see the eye-popping prices being charged for specialty woods. Cut out the middlemen and sell direct and/or over the Internet. Maybe I’ll do a blog post on this…

      Wood vinegar is also used to kill ants.

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