Small Space Permaculture Food Forest Garden on 1/4 Acre Home Lot

“John from Growing Your (one of the top YouTube gardening channels with over 248,000 subscribers) goes on a field trip to visit Dr. Bob Randall’s Permaculture Food Forest in suburban Houston, Texas. In this .28 acre lot Bob grows over 150 varieties of fruit trees, a raised bed vegetable garden and more.

In this episode you will learn how he is growing many different types of plants using permaculture principles. During this episode John will give a tour of the property and share many of the different types of plants growing at this suburban food forest. John will also interview Dr. Randall and ask him some questions about permaculture and some new ways to get you to think about your organic home garden. After watching this episode you will be sure to learn some new ways and techniques that you can use to have a more successful garden in the future.”

Note: Special thanks to John Kohler of Growing Your Greens YouTube channel for helping to improve my life and garden.

1 thought on “Small Space Permaculture Food Forest Garden on 1/4 Acre Home Lot”

  1. One interesting highlight of this garden is the close spacing between fruit trees. Many are only 5-6′ apart. The garden has been growing since the 80’s and nothing speaks as powerfully as success. The forest garden is booming. Some trees outgrow the others. Some prefer some shade. A tree is cut down if it doesn’t work out. We’re doing the same thing in our forest garden. Due to the heavy clay soil, we planted extra in case some died, which some have. It’s better to have extra than not enough in my opinion.


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