Solar Food Steamer — 9 Comments

  1. Hi I just detected this website. I am Jo and have created this cooker. Unfortunately my website does not work anymore because I gave it up when I closed the company when I retired.
    I can still help and answer questions. I will have an eye on this blog from now on.

    In regard to the question from Owen: Scaling is not much of a problem. I checked after half a year and there was some powdery scaling. But it was loose and not attached to the glass. Just putting the tubes upside down and draining them did the trick.
    This could be easily implemented by having a swivel point at the holding frame.

  2. We are looking for camping food steam booklets that can cook for 5 1000 men and mobile please if you can come up with the design the same can boil rice,cook beans,meat.and milliemeal not massive in short mobile kitchen for camping suply to armay.

  3. I really like this application. I think this could be a major improvement for solar cooking in a lot of areas.

    Here in Mexico, people use the evacuated tubes for heating water, so it would be pretty easy to make one for creating steam.

    I would like to see a system that recycles the steam water to have a closed loop. If you did this, you could increase the efficiency a lot by heating domestic water and cooking food at the same time.

  4. Hopefully Jo is still reading this blog after posting about this yesterday.

    If so, I have a question.

    How does the system prevent scaling or mineral build up in the tubes over time?

  5. This is a prime example of appropriate technology. It’s low tech, simple, easy to use and affordable. You quickly recoup your investment and then you can cook for free for years and years. I particularly like the stacking pots so you can cook multiple dishes at once. How convenient! And no heart stopping oils or stirring.

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