Some More Fun Tree Houses

Located in Atlanta, the first two tree houses are made from reclaimed materials. The hideaway rustic cabins are connected by a rope bridge. The houses were designed as a secluded spot to escape the hustle and bustle.

The first cabin serves as a living room with a cosy seating area, while the other cabin houses the bedroom, complete with a bed that can be wheeled outside for a night under the stars.

The HemLoft is an egg-shaped treehouse built in the mountains of Whistler in Canada. Constructed in secret on government land, it took three months to build from start to finish.

Constructed using free materials sourced from Craigslist, including solid hardwood that was used for the floor. The amateur carpenter honed his skills while bringing this orb-like home to life.

This whimsical treehouse is perched on seven branches of a silver maple tree overlooking Lake Chelan in Washington. With its turrets, landscaping and charming shingled exterior, it’s a true fairy tale home in the treetops.

Situated in the wilds of Washington, the Cinder Cone was built in 2014, taking around 12 months to construct. The tree house hangs above a skate park and a wood-fired hot tub, making it the ultimate  adventurous retreat.

Perched in Douglas Fir trees, both levels of the tree house encompass 220 square feet. Connected by a narrow footbridge, one of the elevated structures is a living space and the other is a guesthouse.

Hidden within a dense forest just east of Seattle, Upper Pond Tree house resembles something from the pages of a children’s fairytale. Elevated 11 feet above the ground, its quaint storybook-style roof and rustic branch balustrades are enchanting. The quirky home features a deck that offers panoramic views across the forest and surrounding ponds.

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  1. Great going Kelly!! For those of us who followed Dr. Owen Geiger for years–THANKS for keeping the blog alive!
    This post (tree houses) excites the imagination, nurtures feelings of carefree living … the “Swiss Family Robinson” spirit that is buried, whether deep or shallow, in the heart of each gets a revival here. I so enjoy the combination of craft skills and artistic appeal demonstrated in this post. May happiness abound!


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