Specifics of Nabil Taha’s Engineered Earthbag Designs — 7 Comments

    • PSE (Nabil’s engineering company) has agreed to work with us. Contact PSE, show them the design you’re interested in and then get a quote before buying my plan. Once everything is lined up, you can buy my plan and they’ll add the necessary details so you can get a building permit.

  1. Owen,
    I’m guessing this was the big announcement you told me about a few weeks ago. This is awesome. One question, if we want to meet code should we just go through PSE or get the plans from you and just have them modify? suggestions? thanks a bunch.

    • Yes, this was the big announcement. Now there are more in the pipeline, ha ha. Earthbag building is really taking off.

      I would contact PSE, show them the plan in question and get a quote before ordering.

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